RES: ISOMUX receiving messages from the aquirer (not only from the clients)

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RES: ISOMUX receiving messages from the aquirer (not only from the clients)

Alan Honczar
One more question.
The messages received from the Acquirer are not been automatically logged.
I tried to read the sources but could no figure out how to log those messages.
In the ISOMUX, there is:
if (forward) {
    if (requestListener != null) {
      requestListener.process(muxInstance, d);

so in the process method of my listener I wrote:
public boolean process(ISOSource source, ISOMsg m) {
    try {
        LogEvent le = new LogEvent(((ISOMUX)source),"ServCel request");

The only thing is been logged are the incoming messages from the serversocket that listens POS's requests. The messages that comes from the Aquirer does not appear in the log.
Any idea of what is wrong?


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Assunto: RES: [jpos-dev] ISOMUX receiving messages from the aquirer (not only from the clients)

Thanks very much!

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Assunto: Re: [jpos-dev] ISOMUX receiving messages from the aquirer (not only from the clients)

> This because the request listener´s process is been executed in the same
thread that
> ISOMux is running. That makes the server slower as many messages comes
from the
> aquirer. Have I understood it right?

You can code your ISORequestListener so it actually spawns another thread,
returning quickly so ISOMUX can continue running. You can either start a new
Thread or use the ThreadPool.

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